By purchasing this soil & mulch, you're making your community more sustainable!

Through our partnerships with local organizations, we divert food scraps, yard waste, wood, and compostable materials from our landfill (where it produces methane gas & leachate) and instead create living, nutrient dense soil that goes into gardens & farms around our community.

Click on the “Place An Order” button to tell us what you need. Materials available for pickup at our Ashland or Downtown Omaha site, otherwise delivery charges start at $100 and vary based on location. Wholesale prices are available for contractors. Just submit your order and we’ll contact you with a quote.

Use this soil/mulch calculator to figure out how much stuff you need!


Organic Matters! Compost

$35 per cubic yard

This is the best of the best! Flowers and food flourish in this stuff.

Made up of locally landfill diverted food, yard waste, and compostable materials, our blend is scientifically formulated to maximize the growth, size, and health of your plants. All ingredients are locally sourced and regularly tested. No artificial chemicals or fertilizer added.


Raised Garden Blend

$50 per cubic yard

This blend is meant to give your raised beds or pots the drainage they need, but with an organic, living soil.

Most potting soils and raised bed blends use processed industrial minerals and other additives that do not naturally occur in Nebraska soils. Our mix is made from three things: organic compost, locally sourced sand, and locally sourced soil.


Rain Garden Blend

$40 per cubic yard

Designed for use in retention basins, this is a mix of sand, top soil and compost. If you have an issue with standing water in your garden, this is a great soil blend to get things moving.


Nebraska Blend Top Soil

$25 per cubic yard

Our top soil not only diverts yard waste from the landfill, but it's also 100% organic and locally sourced. It's a perfect mix of nutrients, plant matter, and sand to promote healthy growth and proper drainage in fields and yards.

Not recommended for use in gardens.


Nebraska Blend Chocolate Mulch

$36 per cubic yard

Our Nebraska blend is made from Nebraska wood ground right here in Nebraska.

100% Organic made from locally sourced Nebraska wood. Chocolate brown color added.


Nebraska Blend Natural Mulch

$24 per cubic yard

Our Nebraska blend is made from Nebraska wood ground right here in Nebraska.

100% Organic made from locally sourced Nebraska wood. No color added.


Leaf Mulch

$20 per cubic yard

Fantastic addition that insulates and enriches your garden’s soil. Leaves sourced from collection yard waste collection from Gretna & Bellevue residential.

Full disclosure: Due to nature of its source, while we do our best to keep plastic out, it does find its way in there.


Playground Nursery Bedding

Our soft, organic nursery bedding comes from Nebraska wood grown and ground right here in Nebraska. It is ideal for playgrounds and animal bedding.

100% Organic made from locally sourced Nebraska wood and is screened to 1/2" minus. No color added.