What's so special about Soil Dynamics' products?

There are many reasons to use our products, but here are just a few. First, our products are all made from local resources and 100% organic. We make last year's local yard waste, food scraps, and manures into this year's compost. We also use local soils and local wood in all of our products. Second, we scientifically formulate and test all of our products. Plus, we use them ourselves to grow flowers and food in our family gardens just to make sure they're safe and of the highest quality. Finally, we're a locally-owned family business whose employees are all from right here in the Greater Omaha area.


What is the difference between Soil Dynamics and Oma-Gro®?

People always say, "so you're just like Oma-Gro®?" And our reply is that Oma-Gro® is a city of Omaha program, which creates a fine product, but our compost is not only of a higher quality; it is made differently. Our compost technicians regularly test and turn the compost, screen out contaminants, and use a wider range of ingredients. Unlike Oma-Gro®, our compost is made from more than just yard waste. We add other items like manure and food waste, which takes more skill to process, but yields a more nutrient dense compost. Plus, it's just better for the environment because our compost takes more items out of the landfill!


How much soil, compost or mulch do I need?

We created a calculator for just this purpose which you can find here.


Do I have to pay for delivery?

Yes. Cost of delivery may vary depending on the distance from the farm. A flat rate for local delivery is charged at checkout; if there are additional costs we will contact you directly to clarify.


My soil isn't the right color(black). Is something wrong?

Probably not. While many people have come to believe that black, loamy soil means the soil is healthy, that isn't necessarily the case. With many different composts and soil types, color can vary widely. In fact, in the Nebraska region, soils tend to be clay heavy so you don't want your soil to be too black or heavy because it won't drain properly. If you're still worried you can take a picture of your soil and post a picture on our Facebook page and we'll take a look. You can also send us a message.