What's so special about Soil Dynamics' products?

Through our partnerships with local organizations, we divert food scraps, yard waste, manure, wood, and compostable materials from our landfill (where it produces methane gas) and instead create living, nutrient dense soil at the Omaha area's only commercial composting site! We scientifically formulate and test all of our products. Plus we're a locally owned family business that's helping to bring sustainability to our community. 

What is the difference between Soil Dynamics and Oma-Gro?

Short answer: there's a huge difference! 

Oma-Gro is the City of Omaha's landfill diversion program that takes residential yard waste and turns it into soil. While Oma-Gro has a number of suitable applications, Soil Dynamics is more comparable to high-grade organic soils like Purple Cow that are scientifically engineered, tested, turned, and screened to be perfect for growing healthy and vibrant food and flowers. 

Unlike Oma-Gro, our compost is made from more than just yard waste. We add a full spectrum of organic material like manure from horse farms and the zoo, and food waste from local restaurants. This process takes more gear and skill to process, but yields a super-packed nutrient dense compost that flowers and plants thrive in! Plus our compost program diverts materials that would otherwise go in the landfill, so your soil purchase is helping keep our community clean. 

How much soil do I need? 

Here’s a handy calculator you can use.

How do I get the soil? 

For small to medium orders, we offer by-appointment pickup at our Downtown Yard. For bulk orders, there’s a $100 minimum delivery charge (based upon your location) and the total of the order must be $225 or more.

Why do you charge so much for delivery? 

In the future, we hope to expand into more a retail-friendly capacity, but currently our business model is geared towards bulk orders. In the meantime, if you have a small to medium sized order, your best option is to schedule a pickup at the Downtown Yard

If I pick up, do I have to scoop it into my truck like OmaGro? 

No! If it’s not bags, we can drop it in your truck with our skid-steer.

Can I purchase your soil in bags? 

Yes! We’ll be at the Aksarben Village Farmer’s Market, and our Downtown Yard sells year-round.

My soil isn't the right color (black). Is something wrong?

Nope! While many people have come to believe that black, loamy soil means the soil is healthy, that isn't necessarily the case. With many different composts and soil types, color can vary widely. In fact, in the Nebraska region, soils tend to be clay heavy so you don't want your soil to be too black or heavy because it won't drain properly. If you're still worried, just shoot us an email with a picture of your soil. 

How do I pay?

Now accepting cash, check, or credit card.

How do I find you? 

We have a sight for picking up in Ashland, NE, a site to drop-off in downtown Omaha, and an address to mail stuff to us. All that is listed here: Contact & Location